We do not host any graph datasets at this page, but we list other websites that contains a handful of useful graph datasets:

Real Graphs Datasets:

  1. Laboratory for Web Algorithms: Graphs available in compressed format; the user has to write a C++ code to traverse the compressed graphs and write it uncompressed to disk; contains a mix of crawled graph datasets and social graphs
  2. Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection: Graphs are available free for download; contains a mix of web-graphs, social graphs and network graphs
  3. Yahoo! Graphs: Graphs are available free for download for research purposes only; the used has to sign an agreement with Yahoo! to access the graph data

Synthetic Graph Generators:

  1. Another Python Graph Library: Python code to generate network graphs
  2. GraphGen
  3. GraphBase
  4. Krongen: The user has to download SNAP tool and compile its graph generator krongen in c++ to generate network graphs
  5. Lu/Aiello Topology Generator

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